Improved residential comfort and decreased energy bills

Mr Berisha, an individual
Pristina, Kosovo
New biomass heating boiler and a solar system for water heating
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 4.1 years; annual cost savings of €2,000
CO2 savings
9.4 tonnes of CO2 per year

Mr Berisha is one of many Kosovars depending on electric heating in his home and experiencing regular electricity supply shortages. He believes that every Kosovo citizen should consider making their homes more energy efficient.

A new biomass heating boiler and a solar water heating system was deemed as an efficient solution for his house. Therefore, Mr. Berisha applied to KoSEP for financing of this measure.

KoSEP provided a loan and assisted with the selection of suitable technologies via the online Technology Selector.

The €8,135 investment led to multiple benefits. Before, Mr Berisha was using electricity for heating and hot water generation – a very costly and energy consuming method. “This investment made the electricity bill much lower and increased comfort,” says Mr Berisha, as his electricity bill decreased by around €2,000 per year – a substantial amount for the family budget. “It also brought much flexibility and I do not have to worry about the occasional electricity shortages in the area anymore,” he adds.

“Everybody would benefit from such investments”, concluded the client, who also significantly reduced his CO2 emissions by shifting from coal generated electricity to a renewable energy source.