Improving heating system for a Ukrainian homeowners association

SV 1
Dnipro, Ukraine
Gas boilers
Investment Size
Financial results
Incentive amount €24,830
Energy savings
311,600 kWh/a
CO2 savings
86,300 kg/a
E5P, Sweden

Maximum efficiency of autonomous heating system thanks to replacement of obsolete gas boilers

Replacement of old boilers with modern gas boilers allowed “SV 1”, a Ukrainian Homeowners’ Association (HOA) to improve equipment reliability and efficient use of energy through introduction of new technologies.

SV 1, is a HOA that unites co-owners of 65 apartments in a multifamily building located in city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Its management team decided to improve energy performance of the building by replacing existing gas boilers with new condensing ones in the roof top boiler room.

In order to finance the project, SV 1, reached out to OTP bank to secure a loan of UAH 2,000,000 (equivalent to €62,085) under the EBRD’s IQ Energy programme. Thanks to the loan, the HOA contracted ENERGIYA-TGSV installer and SANITA supplier of equipment to install 6 condensing boilers.

IQ Energy team performed the project feasibility analysis by reviewing the application, confirmed that planned EE project is eligible and in line with program requirements. The team also provided technical, administrative and financial planning support to the HOA. Once the equipment was installed, the IQ Energy team verified the quality of installations.

Thanks to the project, now 65 households in the building receive uninterrupted utilities: heating and hot water. The use of energy-efficient technologies has proved to apartment owners the advantages of investing in improvement of their common property, namely efficient  use of energy and maintaining the desired level of comfort.

Oleksandr Nedodatko, SV 1 inhabitant said: ” The implemented measures made it possible to achieve savings  due to more efficient use of energy and simplified operation, now we do not need boiler operators all equipment is completely automated. Residents are happy because they see the result in their monthly payment bills.”

An additional benefit of the project for homeowners is the steady supply of heat and hot water without the risk of major equipment failure.

This winter season 2019-2020 was unusually warm in Ukraine, nevertheless if we compare heat consumption of HOA building last winter seasons (2016-2018) calculated based on degree day basis we estimate savings of gas consumption to be about 14,4%.

IQ Energy was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund (E5P)  and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.