Increased efficiency and productivity at El Bayan Medical Services through GEFF investment

El Bayan Radiology
Sharqiyah Governorate, Egypt
Energy-efficient CT scan unit
Investment Size
US$ 209,524
Energy savings
175 MWh per year
CO2 savings
31 tonnes per year
Energy efficiency, improved competitiveness

With a new CT scan, El Bayan achieved 22.5% Energy Savings, enhanced competitiveness, and improved Diagnostic Quality

El Bayan Medical Services, a private medical center located in Fakous in the Sharqiya Governorate, is specialized in offering a range of essential medical services, including X-ray, CT scan, and Echocardiogram (Echo) services.

Through the GEFF program, El Bayan made a smart investment in expanding its current Computed Tomography (CT) services by adding a more energy-efficient equipment that improved energy performance while providing faster services to its clients, allowing for higher number of scans per day.

El Bayan recognized the pivotal role of diagnostic service quality in maintaining competitiveness within the medical industry. To elevate its service standards, the center undertook a strategic investment in a High-Performance CT unit. This cutting-edge CT unit was a better consumer of energy than the existing and provided higher imaging quality. Moreover, the time needed per scan was shortened, allowing ElBayan to cater to a higher number of patients daily.

El Bayan’s US$209,524investment delivered substantial results. The center achieved 22.5% reduction in overall primary energy consumption, equivalent to 175 MWh per year. This reduction in energy consumption, coupled with the improved service quality, significantly contributed to ElBayan’s profitability and competitive positioning within the medical service sector.

Moreover, the environmental benefits of this investment were noteworthy. The sub-project led to a reduction of 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, making a valuable contribution to mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change.

GEFF Egypt was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility.