Kyrgyz homeowners save energy and improve living conditions

Asel Babakanova, individual homeowner
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Energy efficient windows, walls and roof insulation, solid fuel boiler
Investment Size
$7,160 loan
Energy savings
31,892 kWh per year
CO2 savings
1,902 kg per year

Investments in energy efficient building measures absolutely pay off

Asel Babakanova, a homeowner in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, has been planning to improve her home for a while.

To reduce her energy bills and increase comfort, she wanted to install new energy efficient windows, insulate the walls and roof of the building and install an efficient solid fuel boiler.

The KySEFF facility was more than timely with funding such measures. The preferred equipment could be selected from the online Technology Selector on the KyrSEFF website – a database where the best available energy saving technologies on the market are presented. With her decision made, the family could apply for a loan. Since equipment has already been pre-evaluated for its energy savings potential, the loan approval did not take long.

The $7,160 loan allowed Asel to reduce the house’s energy consumption by 31,892 kWh per year, leading to decent cost savings. The family felt the result of the investment immediately, thanks to the reduced energy bills and improved living conditions. The investment will repay from energy savings rather fast, continuing to generate savings for many more years to follow.

In addition, the investment led to a carbon emission reduction of 1,902 tonnes CO2 per year, making a valuable contribution to mitigating the negative effects of human activity on the climate.

Such measures can be replicated easily, solving several issues simultaneously – refurbishment of the housing stock, prolonging its lifetime and decreasing the energy consumption of the entire country, as the residential sector contributes a large share of the total energy balance of Kyrgyz Republic. The financial mechanism, provided by the KyrSEFF facility, allows investments to be as easy as possible.