Introducing solar panels to Tajik market

Vendor of household goods
Solar panels
Investment Size
$ 17,000
Energy savings
5,535 kWh/annum
CO2 savings
415 kg per year
Donor CIF, UK, EBRD ETC Fund

Small solar kits introduced to remote rural villages

A Facility loan is helping a Tajik vendor of household goods enter a new market and start selling solar technologies.

In Tajikistan there is scarce availability of climate change resilience technologies, however, the demand is rising. Seeing a gap in the market and the potential for solar technologies, Mr. Bakievis, owner of a household goods store, decided to introduce 100W-capacity photovoltaic panels to the local market. He believes that small solar kits will be in demand in the rural areas and villages, where there is little or no electricity supply.

Mr. Bakiev is approached one of Climadapt’s partner banks to secure a loan of US$ 17,000 for the high-quality photovoltaic panels.

The Climadapt team supported the vendor’s project by assessing the technology, its technical and economic parameters and profitability.

Mr. Bakievis’s investment is expected to generate 5,535 kWh of primary energy. This means that each year these solar panels will save US$ 226 in costs and an equivalent of 415 kilograms of CO2.

The Tajikistan Climate Resilience Financing Facility, CLIMADAPT is developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and supported by the Climate Investment Funds’ Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (CIF PPCR), the United Kingdom and the EBRD Early Transition Countries (ETC) Fund.