Longstanding shipbuilding company invests in new production machinery

A shipbuilding company
North-Western district, Russia
Metal cutting machine
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 4 years
Energy savings
900 MWh per year
CO2 savings
150 tonnes of CO2 per year

Increasing production capacity by 50%

This RuSEFF client is Russia’s leading shipbuilding company with over 50 years of operations. The plant started a step-by-step modernisation of its production facilities.

The company addressed RuSEFF to finance replacement of an obsolete metal cutting machine of low productivity and intensive energy consumption.

The RuSEFF team assessed the project, verified the energy saving potential, suggested the most appropriate type of equipment and presented its financial-technical parameters and profitability.

The investment of €620,000 allowed the company to reduce its energy consumption by 900 MWh per year, resulting in cost savings of €155,000 per year. In addition, the production capacity was increased by 50 per cent, resulting in even lower specific energy consumption.

The investment will be repaid from energy savings and increased production volume in four years.

The company will feel the benefits of this measure immediately through lower energy bills, which will remain at this level for many more years, generating further savings.

This project improved the company’s financial standing and competitiveness in the market. It demonstrates that equipment replacement in all industries leads to energy savings and other positive outcomes, making it worth checking such possibilities with the help of in-house or outsourced expertise.

This way, RuSEFF supports the sustainable financing and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by the private sector. Together, the private, residential and public sectors can make a change in energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.