Mechanization supports a Tajik farmer’s vision to export dried apricots to regional suppliers

Dehkan farm "Gulomjon"
B. Gafurov, Tajikistan
Investment Size
US$ 12,376
Financial results
Payback in 11 months
Energy savings
92 GJ/year
CO2 savings
6,768 kg/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

An energy-efficient tractor helps to boosts productivity on a farm

Mr. Gulomjon Ismoilov manages a 6-hectare farm in B.Gafurov, one of the agricultural regions in Tajikistan producing dried fruits and nuts for wholesale trade and export. As a trained economist, he took over the farm management 8 years ago from his parents and was keen to boost its productivity and improve overall farm operations.

Mr. Ismoilov approached one of the EBRD partner banks for a GEFF loan of US$ 12,376 for a Luzhong 604A model tractor from China. The GEFF team performed the project analysis, assessed the potential of energy savings and technical parameters.

The European Union investment incentives of 30% is available which makes the financing more accessible to farmers.

The US$ 12,376 investment allowed the farm to reduce the energy consumption by 92 GJ per year, resulting in the annual costs savings of US$1,900, approximately 16% of their net income. Mr. Ismoilov also decided to lease the tractor to support farming operations in other farms as an additional source of revenue.

“We are gradually improving our business. With the increased production, we target to export to regional suppliers from Kazakhstan and Russia” said Mr. Ismoilov.

GEFF Tajikistan is supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund and South Korea.

GEFF Tajikistan [Agricultural Value Chains] helps Tajik farmers and agribusinesses adopt technology solutions that can enhance competitiveness of the agricultural value chains.