Modern cold storage leads to offer fresh fruits for Tajik and foreign consumers

LLC Zarnisori Shahrinav
Shahrinav, Tajikistan
Cold Storage
Investment Size
US$ 51,582
Financial results
Payback in 3 years
Energy savings
44,112 kWh/year
CO2 savings
662 kg/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity by investment in a cold-storage

LLC Zarnisori Shahrinav is one of the leading agricultural companies in the Shahrinav district with 200 hectares of orchards with grapes, apples, plums and sweet cherries. Currently, the company offers 220 permanent jobs, including 55 for female workers.

To expand and further diversify his business, Mr. Bahodur Sadriddinov, head of LLC Zarnisori Shahrinav had decided to construct a cold storage using modern sandwich panels. He applied to one of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partner banks and obtained a GEFF loan in amount of US$ 51,582.

He has constructed a new cold storage with 500 tons of storage capacity, which consists of 5 independent chambers. Each chamber has a capacity of 100 tons and is isolated by sandwich panels which save a total of 44,112 kWh of electricity per year.

Mr. Sadriddinov plans to use the additional capacity to provide storage services to other farmers in the region. Moreover, the large scale of the cold storage will achieve regular supply of fruits to Russian, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan markets.

The European Union investment incentive of 30% is available, which makes the financing more accessible to farmers.

“This is a very important investment project for the company. It enables us to diversify our business activities and ensure a regular supply to regional markets, strengthening the geographical reach of our agricultural value chains” said Mr. Bahodur Sadriddinov.

GEFF Tajikistan is supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund and South Korea.

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