Modernisation of energy intensive sugar production in Romania

Lemarco Cristal, a sugar producer
Steam plant, conveyor system, compressed air system, packaging plant, capacitators
Investment Size
€1.3 million
Energy savings
Improved financial standing and competitiveness

Replacement of equipment resulted in large energy and cost saving

Lemarco Group deals with furniture manufacturing and export, as well as with sugar production. It is the second largest sugar supplier in Romania, with three refineries and the production capacity of 130,000 tonnes per year.

Belonging to the energy intensive industry, the company recognised the need to reduce its energy consumption and addressed EEFF for financing. The EEFF team performed the energy audit of the production facility, suggested a list of energy saving measures, assessed their profitability and effect.

The final project consisted of modernisation of the existing steam plant, water and compressed air systems, conveyor system, capacitors and packaging plant.

The investment of €1.3 million allowed the company to reduce its energy bill by 37 per cent, meaning that the investment will be repaid from energy savings rather fast.

This project improved the company’s financial standing and competitiveness in the market. It demonstrates that energy savings are possible in all sectors and types of technologies.

This project was supported by the European Union (EU).