Modernization of pipe production lines for a Moroccan SME

Casablanca, Morocco
Acquisition of two new production lines
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period : 2.58 years
Electricity savings
1,524 MWh per year
CO2 savings
871.91 tons CO2 per year
Reduction of waste due to manufacturing defects / Cost saving / Energy saving / Reduction of CO2 emissions

Installation of two new HDPE pipe manufacturing lines

Manufacture Marocaine d’Equipements Publiques (MMEP) ALMA is a Moroccan company that designs and commercializes complete ranges of connection, water supply and sanitation products such as HDPE and PVC pipes, water meters, valves and accessories for a wide variety of sectors: industry, construction, irrigation, administration and local authorities.

The company’s investment plan involves the financing of two manufacturing lines for HDPE pipes of 160 mm and 400 mm. These production lines are fully automated and controlled by an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) system, which limits direct human intervention during the manufacturing process. With this option, the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process is restricted, and thus allows optimal use of the production capacity.

This investment of a total of €930,656 will improve resource efficiency and save the company €121,419 per year by reducing its energy consumption. Thanks to annual savings of 1,524 MWh of electricity, and 872 tons of reduction in CO2 emissions, the company will be able to recoup its investment within two and a half years.

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