Modernization of the analysis method of compound feed for SME a company specializing in the manufacture of compound animal feed

Laghdira, Morocco
Acquisition of a new NIRS D2500 livestock feed analyzer
Investment Size
€ 56,693.00
Financial results
Payback period: 3.83 years
Energy savings
40.8 MWh per year (99%)
CO2 savings
23.34 t CO2eq per year
Energy saving. Reduction of GHG emissions. Improved competitiveness. Improvement of the multifunctionality of the company.

Acquisition of a new compound feed analyzer

ALF KESSAB ALMAGHREB is a livestock feed producer that designs and offers different types of products. These skills extend from the mastery of the choice of raw materials to the quality control of the finished products and their follow-up in the field, including the mastery of new techniques for the manufacture of compound feed. The production of livestock feed is accompanied throughout the production process of analysis to control the quality of the feed.

To better meet the needs of its customers, ALF KESSAB ALMAGHREB has acquired a new NIRS DS2500 analyzer of the FOSS brand from the Moroccan supplier of ISOLAB analysis equipment. This project has modernized the analysis process by minimizing cost and time as well as reducing energy consumption. The NIRS DS2500 infrared spectroscopy analyzer replaces the wet chemical analysis method, which required several minutes to obtain results.

This analyzer allows with a single sample to provide the value of the parameters to control the four product ranges of the company ALF KESSAB ALMAGHREB. The method is not destructive like the traditional way and requires no use of chemical reagents therefore no cost to do the analyses.

The implementation of this project, financed by Maroc Leasing, allows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 23.34 T CO2eq per year compared to the baseline and to save approximately 40.8 MWh in subsidiary energy.

Green Value Chain(GVC) in Morocco is an EBRD credit line that provides financing to local partner financial institutions for the financing of green investments by SMEs operating in value chains. Supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund(GCF), the Korea Technical Assistance and Cooperation Account (KTACA) and the EBRD’s Special Shareholders Fund, the facility helps improve the competitiveness of SMEs and their value chains through highly efficient green investments.