Modernization of the pipe manufacturing line for a Moroccan SME

6PO Industrie
Ain Atiq, Morocco
Investment Double wall corrugated cooling extrusion machine / Double pipe extrusion machine
Investment Size
€ 752,727.27
Financial results
Payback period :1.14 years
Energy savings
(Français) 1134.72 MWh / an
CO2 savings
649 t CO2eq/ year
Improved competitiveness of the company / Energy savings / Reduction of waste

Installation of two new lines for the manufacture of HDPE and PVC pipes

6 PO industrie is a company specialized in the plastics sector. Its main activity is the manufacturing of PVC and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, with different diameters and nominal pressures, for the distribution and supply of drinking water, irrigation and drainage, and agricultural drainage. Its annual electricity requirement is 5,637 MWh/year, provided by REDAL.

To meet the strong market demand, 6PO industrie wants to expand its manufacturing capacity for water distribution and supply products. For this purpose, the company intends to invest in new pipe extrusion lines, in particular the PVC double pipe extrusion line and the double wall corrugated production line. Both lines are of the JWELL brand and the total acquisition amount is €752,727.27.

This project aims to modernize the manufacturing techniques of 6PO Industrie in order to properly support the development of its infrastructure, as well as to modernize and reinforce its production tools to increase its capacity and to decrease the specific consumption (kWh/kg) of finished product.

With this installation, the company’s projected annual production capacity will be increased by almost 80%.

With the installation of these new production lines, the value chain of 6PO Industrie will be improved. This investment will also reduce CO2 emissions by 649 TCO2/year, as well as energy savings of 1134.72 MWh/year.

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