Moldovan Bakery saves 98% of primary energy consumption

Nina Patic
Moldova, Orhei
Biomass boiler, modern heat distribution system
Investment Size
Financial results
1.5 years
Energy savings
CO2 savings
61 tonnes of CO2 per year

Investments lead to 98% energy savings, setting a benchmark for a potential biomass use by bakeries

Nina Patic II is a small bakery in the town of Orhei, 40 kilometres from the capital of Moldova. Established in 1999, the bakery offers a variety of services apart from bread production.
The bakery decided to apply to EBRD MoSEFF, predecessor of GEFF, for loan financing to install a modern heat distribution system and replace the old electric boiler.
The MoSEFF team supported the company with loan financing and analysis of the proposed investment project, its financial-technical parameters, and risks.
The €8,335 investment in a new pellet-fuelled boiler and heat distribution system allowed the bakery to achieve significant 98 per cent of energy savings. The investment will repay out of energy savings in just a year and a half, turning the future cash-flows into the company’s income for the years to follow.
Introduction of renewable energy sources supported other SME businesses in the area by developing the local supply chains and business environment. Last, but not least, the project led to improvement of the working conditions for people. Not to forget the company’s input to a better environment by using a more environmentally friendly fuel.
This project demonstrates the best examples of SMEs’ sustainable development in terms of not only cost savings, but production efficiency and work comfort as well.