More Chocolate Variety with Less Energy

Nairiland LLC
Aragatsotn, Armenia
Chocolate production line
Investment Size
US$ 108,350
Energy savings
8.3 MWh per year
CO2 savings
2 tonnes per year
Increased product variety

Energy-efficient technologies help a company modernise production

Founded in Aragatsotn in 2018, Nairi Land LLC produces more than 15 varieties of ice cream, in addition to chocolate dragees and chocolate paste. The company’s main objective has always been to introduce new products while operating in the most efficient manner possible. Since the start of its operations, Nairi Land has almost completely switched to using modern production equipment, which has made it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Seeing as chocolate and cocoa icing are main ingredients in both the production of ice cream and chocolate candy, Nairi Land decided to start its very own chocolate candy production line using imported cocoa powder. This enabled the company to offset the seasonality of ice cream sales. With the basis for quality chocolate production already in place, the company decided to upgrade its existing equipment to enable the production of chocolate candies and bars. To do this, Nairi Land acquired a high performing chocolate production line available through the EBRD’s Green Technology Selector.

The new equipment has a lower specific energy consumption, owing to several technical solutions:

  • Insulated chocolate tank and controller operated heating and mixing for optimal warm-up times and lowest heat losses
  • Moulding machine which fills moulds with chocolate and filling in a single production step
  • Cooling tunnel with an integrated cooling and humidity control unit and belt speed control

The investment totalling US$ 108,350 has led to annual energy savings of up to 8.3 MWh and a 2-tonne reduction of CO2.

“Investment in high-performing technologies has helped maintain our quality and modern production standards. Financial resources such as the GEFF in Armenia credit line are an important tool for any business to stay ahead of competition and to keep growing throughout the years” noted the representative of the company.

This project was supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Climate Investment Funds (CIF).