New automatic fabric cutting machine for a company specialized in garment manufacturing

Casablanca, Morocco
Acquisition of an automatic conveyor fabric cutting machine
Investment Size
€ 103,627
Financial results
Return on investment 3.46 years
Energy savings
24 MWh/year
CO2 savings
13.73 teq CO2 per year
Energy consumption reduction, Mobility, Reliability, Robustness. Reduce carbon footprint

Acquisition of an automatic conveyor fabric cutting machine

GLIMMER is a company specialized in manufacturing ready-to-wear products for women, men, and children. Its main area of expertise is garment manufacturing, with a production focus entirely on exporting to Europe and the United States. To support its modernization strategy, the company has decided to replace its old fabric cutting machine from the year 2000, which has proven to be inefficient and frequently breaks down, with a new automatic machine. For its new project, GLIMMER decided to call on the GEFF II team for financing and technical assistance.

The investment consists of the purchase of a new Flexo cutting machine, comprising a cutting bar, a Flexo robot, a roll of polyethylene paper, an operator panel, an electrical box, a cutting conveyor, a computer with Allcut software and an unloading conveyor table.

The new automatic fabric cutting machine is equipped with drive motors combined with an axis control system, reducing cutting times by 15%. In addition, the new machine is equipped with two touch-screen control panels to control, move and send instructions to the machine on both sides of the cutting beam. This is in contrast to the old machine, which lacked cutting precision and generated a large amount of fabric waste.

Thanks to this new investment realised under GEFF II, Glimmer is cutting its annual electricity consumption by 33% and greenhouse gas emissions by 13.73 teqCO2 each year, while reducing the amount of textile raw material waste.

Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) in Morocco is a green economy financing program, implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will provide financing to Moroccan private enterprises through local financial institution partners. Supported by the European Union (EU), the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It will enable local companies to invest in green technologies, reduce their costs through climate adaptation measures, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.