New baling for a leading waste recovery company

Salé, Morocco
Acquisition of a baling press with conveyor for paper and cardboard waste
Investment Size
€ 101,576
Financial results
Return on investment : 3.92 years
Energy savings
18.57 MWh/year
CO2 savings
10.6 tCO2 per year
Energy consumption reduction, Reliability, Reduce carbon footprint

Acquisition of a new baling press with conveyor for paper and cardboard waste

Sorepac is a Moroccan company established in 1993 in Salé city, specialized in the recycling of paper and cardboard waste and contributes to the preservation and protection of forests and the environment. They prepare raw materials for paper recyclers by collecting, sorting, and baling paper and cardboard waste. In order to increase and meet the needs of its customers, the company has decided to invest in a new baler with a conveyor and sought the GEFF II funding and technical assistance for this new investment.


The new baling press has a pressing force of 70 tons with fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual options. This machine stands out for its advanced technological features, including energy efficiency and a robust design that ensures long-term durability and reliability. Additionally, the safety conditions have been enhanced, providing a safer working environment for operators and reducing potential risks.


The production of recycled paper enables recyclers to achieve considerable savings throughout the value chain by reducing water consumption by approximately 90% and significantly decreasing the energy required compared to traditional paper production from natural cellulose. Thanks to the GEFF II program, Sorepac reduced its annual electricity consumption by 22% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 10.6 T CO2 equivalent per year.


Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) in Morocco is a green economy financing program, implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will provide financing to Moroccan private enterprises through local financial institution partners. Supported by the European Union (EU), the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It will enable local companies to invest in green technologies, reduce their costs through climate adaptation measures, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.