New efficient asphalt processing line for Moroccan manufacturing SME

Grande Entreprise Routière
Fes, Morocco
Fixed asphalt production line
Investment Size
€ 835,672
Financial results
Payback period of 3 years and 5 months
Energy savings
1635.4 MWh per year(21%)
CO2 savings
474 tonnes per year
Improvement of the company's competitiveness/Material recycling/Reduction of energy consumption

Acquisition of a fixed asphalt production line

Grande Entreprise Routière is an SME, based in Fès, and specialising in production and sale of asphalt and other bitumen products to corporate end-users in the industrial or construction sectors.The company has applied for funding and technical assistance from the Green Value Chain programme for its new investment, which is part of the modernisation and rehabilitation of the asphalt production unit.

The purpose of the investment is to replace the old asphalt machine with a latest generation fixed hot mix plant, namely the “RM 120 ALLROAD” from MARINI ERMONT for a total amount of 835,672 Euros.

The new equipment is a continuous asphalt plant, equipped with the RETROFLUX ERMONT counter current technology, which allows the recycling of up to 40% of asphalt aggregates over a throughput range of 50-120 t/h, while guaranteeing greater versatility in asphalt production with very low energy consumption thanks to a high-tech burner with compressed air assisted spraying. With RETROFLUX technology, this asphalt plant incinerates the bitumen vapours and guarantees extremely low emissions.

This project will have an added value not only for the company but also for all its customers through the direct sale of the product. It should enable the company to further improve its competitiveness thanks to the high production quality of the new line, which allows the recycling of up to 40% of asphaltaggregates while minimizing energy consumption and CO2emissions compared to the old plant currently in use.

The payback period is 3 years and 5 months thanks to the productivity gain and the reduction in energy consumption of 1635,4 MWh/year. Greenhouse Gas emissions will be reduced by 474 t CO2eq per year.

Green Value Chain (GVC) in Morocco is a credit facility of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD) to provide funding to local partner financial institutions for on-lending to Moroccan SMEs belonging to agribusiness, processing industries and logistics value chains and ecosystems. Supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund(GCF), the Korean Technical Assistance and Cooperation Account (KTACA) and the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund (EBRD SSF), the facility aims to improve competitiveness of SMEs and that of their value chains and ecosystems through highly efficient green investments.