New equipment for a Moroccan Refrigerated Transporter

RC Industrie
Agadir, Morocco
Four high efficiency refrigeration units for refrigeration-cooling and Four well insulated semi-trailers
Investment Size
€ 192,851
Financial results
Payback of 4.69 years
Energy savings
84 Gj per year
CO2 savings
7 tons/year
Productivity gains through improved reliability and efficient maintenance/ Reduced refrigerant leakage and energy consumption

The acquisition of four high efficiency refrigeration units for refrigeration-cooling and four well insulated semi-trailers

RC industrie, a company specializing in the transport of edible products with refrigerated semi-trailers, has requested financing and technical assistance.

To better meet the needs of its customers, RC industrie launched a project to strengthen its logistics with the acquisition of 4 carrier brand refrigerated units, 2 Krone cool liner semi-trailers and 2 Sor-iberica semi-trailers for a total amount of 192,851 Euros.

The four semi-trailers purchased are equipped with an insulated box in which the goods to be transported are stored. The refrigeration units generating the cold are attached to the box. The ATP regulations (Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs) define three cold classes for refrigerated semi-trailers: class A (from 0 to 12°), class B (from -10 to +12°) and class C (from -20 to +12°). The semi-trailers acquired by RC-industry are class C.

The 4 VECTOR 1550 carrier brand refrigeration units are diesel powered and equipped with E-Drive™ technology. This technology eliminates the mechanical transmissions present in belt-driven technology by converting the motor energy into electricity. Compared to a belt-driven system, E-Drive™ technology significantly reduces refrigerant leakage and energy consumption.

The new acquisition requires little maintenance, so less downtime and more productivity compared to the baseline. The payback time is 4 years and 8 months due to the productivity gain and the diesel savings of 2,169 L/year, corresponding to a 45% reduction. Greenhouse Gas emissions will be reduced by 7 t CO2eq per year.

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