New equipment helps reduce CO2 emissions in stone processing

TEKO Mining d.o.o. Beograd
Belgrade and Batočina, Serbia
Investment Size
€ 372,000
Financial results
Savings of € 30,800 year
Energy savings
387 MWh per year
CO2 savings
94 tonnes per year
Increased efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption
Green Climate Fund, Government of Luxemburg

New loaders help Teko Mining reduce its environmental footprint

A Serbian stone excavation and processing company reduces CO2 emissions, while increasing the efficiency of company’s operations thanks to green investments through GEFF Serbia Leasing

The company Teko Mining d.o.o. Beograd is part of the Austrian company Teko Mining GmbH and has been operating in Serbia since 2014. Teko Mining is one of the largest stone extraction and processing companies in Serbia. It operates six quarries, extracting and processing stone primarily used for the development and construction of infrastructure projects in Serbia, with a total production capacity of over 3 million tonnes a year.

The company is committed to investing in modern, efficient equipment to improve production performance and product quality, and to reduce its environmental footprint. Teko Mining approached UniCredit Leasing Serbia, a Partner Financial Institution of GEFF Serbia Leasing. The company selected two Caterpillar Loaders from the EBRD’s Green Technology Selector. These Caterpillar Loaders provide significant fuel and emissions reductions, while lowering maintenance and fuel costs.

The GEFF team assessed the potential of energy savings and financial-technical parameters of the project.

The investment in two loaders allows the company to reduce primary energy consumption (diesel fuel) by 387 MWh annually, resulting in an annual savings of €30,800. The cutting-edge equipment also allows the company to reduce direct production costs, thus leading to profit increase and opening new opportunities for further investments in production process modernization.

The new equipment leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions of 94 tonnes per year, which is a nearly 27% reduction compared to old equipment.

“We at Teko Mining are continuously committed to improving all segments of operations. We strive to achieve the highest standards in all areas of our business, especially in the field of environmental protection, having in mind the type of the industry in which we are doing business,” said Helena Aluta-Oltya, the owner of Teko Mining company.

She also emphasized that the green economy represents one of the priorities for the company and that through this and other investments, the company wants to showcase its commitment to the topic, which is globally becoming more and more important. ”We choose to remain on the same course in the future, both through new investments and through active contribution in all segments of the green economy,” Aluta-Oltya concluded.

The Green Economy Financing Facility Serbia Leasing (GEFF Serbia Leasing) was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Luxembourg.

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