New food packaging line meets the growing demand and reduces energy cost

A meat processing and food packaging company
Rostarzewo, Poland
Replacement of a packaging line
Investment Size
PLN 452,000
Financial results
Payback period 1 year
Energy savings
3,659 kWh per year (28%)
CO2 savings
3.5 tonnes per year
Production volume increased 80%

New packaging line increased the production by 80%, while reducing the energy consumption

The company is a Polish family business with more than 25 years of experience in turkey breeding and meat processing. The company has expanded over time and now employs 400 people and supplies its products to Polish and other European consumers.

To reduce energy consumption and meet growing demand, the company decided to improve its meat packaging process.

The company approached PolSEFF for affordable financing for this investment.

The PolSEFF team performed an analysis of the proposed technology, its potential for energy savings, financial-technical parameters and profitability of the project.

The old semiautomatic packaging machine was not effective and demanded the plastic trays with meat are weighed separately before being placed into the machine and sealed. The new packaging machine helped to avoid this and speed up the process.

The investment of PLN 452,000 allowed the company to increase the production capacity by 80 per cent, while reducing its energy consumption by 28 per cent. The investment will be repaid from energy savings and increased sales in just one year. In addition, the company reduced its CO2 emissions by 3.5 tonnes per year, making a small but valuable input into the mitigation of the negative effects of human activity on the climate.

This project enables the company to develop further and reach out to new markets while keeping its costs low and profits stable.

This demonstrates that savings from the reduction of energy consumption make an important input to the investment’s profitability and attractiveness. Therefore, it is worth checking the energy saving potential of possible investment measures.