New high energy efficiency profiling line for a Moroccan SME

Mohammedia, Morocco
Acquisition of a profiling line for roller shutter profiles
Investment Size
€ 325,000
Financial results
Return on investment: 2.16 years
Energy savings
24.65 MWh per year (27%)
CO2 savings
14.10 T eq CO2 per year (27%)
Productivity gain, energy saving, reduction of GHG emissions, competitiveness, time optimization

Acquisition of a profiling line for roller shutter profiles

FERMOPLAST is a company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium roller shutters. With a solid experience and a permanent concern for improvement, FERMOPLAST has developed a unique know-how in the design of products and services that combine performance and reliability.

The company used an old profiling line to manufacture roller shutters. The production of roller shutters at FERMOPLAST required significant energy requirements, directly linked to the line’s equipment, which had become obsolete.

To better meet the needs of its customers, the company installed a new profiling line, for which it requested technical assistance and financing from the Green Value Chain.

This project has allowed the company to modernise the production process and increase production capacity while minimising manufacturing time and energy consumption. Thanks to this investment, the company’s production capacity has increased by 37%.

Equipped with the latest technological innovations, this new line has enabled the company to reduce working time, make energy savings of 27%, i.e. € 2,100 per year, and improve its competitiveness thanks to the production gains generated.

Green Value Chain (GVC) in Morocco is an EBRD credit line that provides financing to local partner financial institutions for the financing of green investments by SMEs operating in value chains. Supported by the European Union, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Korea Technical Assistance and Cooperation Account (KTACA) and the EBRD’s Special Shareholders Fund, the facility helps improve the competitiveness of SMEs and their value chains through highly efficient green investments.