New Korean energy efficient natural gas station serves a southern region of Uzbekistan

Muhammadiyev Musurmon Qulmurzaevich’ LLC
Kukdala, Uzbekistan
Natural Gas Refuelling Station equipment
Investment Size
US$ 235,000
Financial results
Payback of 2 years
Energy savings
1,356 MWh per year
CO2 savings
202 tonnes per year
Contribution to local area development, improved competitiveness, job creation
(Русский) Специальный фонд акционеров ЕБРР

A new refuelling station allows local businesses as well as municipal transport service providers with a more environmentally friendly choice of fuel.

The company ‘Muhammadiyev Musurmon Qulmurzaevich LLC’ was founded in 2012 and is the owner and operator of natural gas refuelling stations business in the Chirakchi district of the Kashkadarya region. The new natural gas refuelling station worth US$ 255,000 was built in Kukdala village.
To better meet the demand for natural gas as a vehicle fuel, the company invested almost US$ 700 thousand into a new CNG station, of which US$ 235,000 were financed through a GEFF loan. The GEFF loan was used to finance the gas compressor and auxiliary equipment, which for the heart of the natural gas fuelling station.
The project vastly improves the access to CNG fuel for residents and business of the Kukdala village. Furthermore, the new station also created new jobs for the local population in this rural area.
After the successful project verification, the company ‘Muhammadiyev Musurmon Qulmurzaevich LLC’ received a 10% grant on the value of the GEFF loan.
The Green Economy Financing Facility in Uzbekistan was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is supported by the EBRD’s Shareholder Special Fund.