New natural gas refuelling station in Kukdala village boosts local area development in Kashkadarya

"Imkon Gaz Servis" LLC.
Kukdala village, Kashkadarya region
Construction of a new natural gas compression refuelling station
Investment Size
US$ 237,486
Financial results
Payback of 2 years
Energy savings
2,265 MWh/year
Electricity savings
(Русский) 60.2 МВт /год
CO2 savings
337.4 tons / year

The company "Imkon Gaz Servis" located in a village named Kukdala in Kashkadarya region, south of Uzbekistan. In response to growing demand, "Imkon Gaz Servis" LLC. constructed a new natural gas refuelling station to accomodate the local area consumers need, both, the individual and business car owners.

The new refuelling station reduces shortage and cost of the fuel for the local area private, public and commercial transport, as well as creates additional jobs for the rural population (NB. in Uzbekistan gasoline is more expensive than the natural gas).

GEFF consultants approached the Project under the Simplified Assessment Report procedures in accordance with sustainable energy standards and verified that the new natural gas compression and refuelling equipment from the South Korean "Kwangshin Machine Industrial Co. Ltd." is energy efficient.

Along with the energy and carbon savings, the Project shall contrubute to the local area development by making so much needed fuelling available to the local businesses and residents.