New powerful labellers for a leading packaging company

Société Impériale des Thés et Infusions (SITI)
Marrakech, Maroc
Acquisition of two high-efficiency labeling machines
Investment Size
€ 141,363
Financial results
Return on investment 4.68 years
Energy savings
11.52 MWh/year (75%)
CO2 savings
6.59 T eq CO2 per year (75%)
Productivity gain/Energy savings/Production increase/Quality improvement/Time optimisation/Elimination of errors in the manufacturing process/Reduction of GHG emissions

Acquisition of high energy performance labeling machines

Société Impériale des Thés et Infusions (SITI) is a world leader in the packaging of luxury teas and infusions. Through its 40 years of experience and its integrated production tool, SITI offers an infinity of tailor-made, turnkey and flexible packaging solutions with impeccable quality, which allows major tea brands, customers of SITI, to differentiate.

Since its foundation, SITI has taken several actions to minimize its impact on the environment. All organic waste (plants, cardboard boxes, etc.) generated by the company is systematically recycled; water and energy consumption are also controlled and rationalized.

In this sense, SITI decided to acquire two new high-performance labelling machines to replace the old ones, which had become obsolete and very energy consuming.

This investment, which was made within the framework of the deployment of technical assistance and GEFF II financing via a leasing agreement, enabled the company to double its production capacity and reduce its electricity consumption. Indeed, the production of labels now requires only 2 kWh for 6,000 cuts instead of 8 kWh previously, i.e. an energy saving of 75%. This has resulted in an electrical energy saving of 11.52 MWh/year, a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 6.59 Teq CO2 per year and a significant improvement in production efficiency and product quality, while significantly eliminating errors from the manufacturing process.

Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) in Morocco is a green economy financing program, implemented by the European European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will provide financing to Moroccan private enterprises through local financial institution partners. Supported by the European Union (EU), the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It will enable local companies to invest in green technologies, reduce their costs through climate adaptation measures, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.