New shredding line for a textile company

Tangier, Morocco
Balkan DT30 shredder / Cutting line / a super opener
Investment Size
€ 407,100
Financial results
Return on investment : 5.21 years
Energy savings
711 MWh/year
CO2 savings
406.6 tCO2 per year
Energy consumption reduction, Reduce carbon footprint

Acquisition of textile recycling equipment

Since 1995, WOLKAT MAROC has been dedicated to the production of reusable garments, regenerated yarns, and felt made from entirely recycled materials. Through its combined approach of recycling and sorting for reuse, WOLKAT MAROC manages to process and give a second life to 94 to 96% of the collected textiles.


To meet the high quality requirements set by the spinning department of the company and achieve the desired production capacity, WOLKAT MAROC has decided to invest in a new shredding machine, a guillotine cutting line, and a super opener system. For this new investment, WOLKAT MAROC received funding and technical assistance from the GEFF II programme.


This is a new fully automatic two-cylinder shredding machine with a medium capacity of 300 kg/h, paired with the existing four-cylinder Laroche machine to produce regenerated yarn from used fabrics. The average capacity is now 800 kg/h, capable of meeting the quality and quantity requirements established by the spinning department for open-end yarns with very short fibers.


This new machine increases the production capacity of the shredding line by nearly 50% while producing high-quality regenerated fibers. The investment also includes a new guillotine cutting line that replaces the rotary cutting line, as well as a super opener that contributes to improving the quality and productivity of the new shredding line.


The waste from the shredding line is reduced by 50%, decreasing from an initial rate of approximately 10% to a rate of 5% following the implementation of the project’s equipment.


The GEFF II technical assistance support and guidance allowed WOLKAT MAROC to reduce its annual electricity consumption by 38% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 406.6 teq CO2. Moreover, the process of recycling fabrics to produce open-end yarn is done without the use of chemicals or dyes and with minimal water consumption.


This environmentally friendly approach reflects WOLKAT MAROC’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its ecological footprint.


Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) in Morocco is a green economy financing program, implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will provide financing to Moroccan private enterprises through local financial institution partners. Supported by the European Union (EU), the Green Climate Fund (GCF). It will enable local companies to invest in green technologies, reduce their costs through climate adaptation measures, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.