Rain water harvesting tank for a private house Momynay

Momynay, Kazakhstan
Rain water harvesting tank
Resource savings
Water savings
Water conservation and sustainable landscaping practices
GEF, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria

The new rain water harvesting tank helps to effectively use water and maintain environmental stability.

Recently, the issue of water conservation has become highly pertinent. Utilizing potable water from the municipal supply for irrigation is becoming increasingly impractical and expensive, particularly in arid regions of Kazakhstan. In the village of Momynay in the Turkestan region, the owner of a private residence decided to tackle this challenge by utilizing a reservoir to collect wastewater and rainwater for his garden irrigation. Understanding that this was a long-term investment, he opted to acquire a modern model made from high-quality materials and equipped with an efficient filtration system.

The entrepreneur contacted the Consultant of EBRD`s the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF), who advised to purchase a modern subsoil cultivator with improved performance and offered a suitable financial solution. Under the terms of the GEFF Program, the appropriate equipment should be selected on the Green Technology Selector website and purchased from any supplier using credit funds from the Program’s financial partners.

“I positioned the reservoir beneath the downspout, where rainwater from the roof drains. Now, I have the opportunity to carry out garden irrigation efficiently and make use of rainwater. Acquiring the reservoir has also significantly reduced my reliance on the municipal water supply and allowed me to be more environmentally conscious,”- shared the homeowner.

The project was supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.