Renewable energy means a clean environment

Shilda HPP
Tbilisi, Georgia
Turbines, generators and other electrical equipment
Investment Size
US$ 2,500,000
CO2 savings
10,000 tonnes per year
EU4Energy, BMF

As a country with a proud history of regaining independence, it is vital that Georgia use every opportunity to maintain it. One such opportunity is generating its own energy. Shilda HPP is a hydropower plant that greatly contributes to energy independence.

While building the Shilda plant, one of the major concerns was the impact on the environment. The construction company was conscious of the negative effects that power plants can have on their surroundings. To minimise impact, the management decided to use green technology and applied for funds from the EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facility or GEFF.

With help of GEFF consultants, who analysed the project in detail, the company was able to purchase energy-efficient electrical equipment that reduced CO2 emissions by 10,000 tonnes annually.

The installed capacity of the Shilda HPP is 5 MW, producing 32 GWh of electricity annually that is supplied to Georgian State Electrical System and is used in the country.

“Energy independence is a challenge for our country and renewable energy is one of the ways to diversify. We have focused on renewable energy from the start and will continue to expand our efforts to keep our country free and clean.” – Konstantine Iordanishvili, technical director of Shilda HPP.

The project is supported by EU4Energy and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).