Serbian homeowner keeps his home warm and energy efficient

Zemun, Serbia
Biomass boiler
Investment Size
Energy savings
2,4 MWh/year
EU, Austria, WBIF

The Grubac family from Zemun-Belgrade has decided to make their home energy efficient through the GEFF programme for the Western Balkans, in order to reduce energy and money consumption, but also to contribute to reducing air pollution.

Family members enjoy spending time in their home. It is important for them that the house is warm and comfortable during the cold winter days, but also that the heating bills are not too high. For that reason, they decided to replace the heating by using a wood stove with a biomass stove.

The amount of investment in the new energy efficient heating system – biomass stove, was EUR 3,070, and the amount of EU incentives was EUR 460. The new investment will enable the family from the Serbian capital to save 2,4 MWh of energy per year.

The GEFF programme for the Western Balkans is supported by the European Union (EU), the Federal Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria and the Western Balkans Investment Framework in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS).