Slovak company keeps its computer data centre cool and energy efficient

Slovak Republic
Air conditioning system
Investment Size
€ 259,800
Financial results
Payback of 7.7 years
Energy savings
260 MWh per year
CO2 savings
77 tonnes per year
Slovak Republic, Spain

The insulated air optimisation system allows to isolate the external air and protect the data room from moisture and pollution

A Slovak telecommunications solution provider, VNET, replaced its air conditioning system with a new energy efficient system and decreased its energy use and maintenance costs.

For over 15 years, VNET, has been providing telecommunication solutions including guaranteed internet connection through cloud services, hosting and home services. The company offers its services in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

VNET experienced problems with its old an inefficient air conditioning system in its data centre and decided to install a new system.This was also an opportunity to decrease the power consumption of cooling by using new more efficient technologies.

The SlovSEFF team performed the project analysis, assessed its potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and profitability.

The company invested € 259,800 into a new solution, an insulated air optimisation system that allows to isolate the external air and protect the data room from moisture and pollution.

The company now uses less than half of the energy previously consumed and saves around 260 MWh of electricity per year. This translates to € 27,740 saved each year on energy cost.

As an additional benefit, the reconstruction processes and update of the air conditioning system resulted in € 5,800 saved each year on maintenance cost.

This project is supported by Slovak Republic and Spain.