Slovak school becomes warmer after energy efficiency measures

Velka Lomnica, Slovak Republic
Thermal insulation, heat system balancing, thermostats, doors and windows
Investment Size
Financial results
Cost savings of €23,000 per year
Energy savings
354 MWh per year (-63%)
CO2 savings
98 tonnes per year
Operation and maintenance costs reduced by €5,000 per year

Velka Lomnica is a small Slovak town with 4,000 inhabitants at the foot of the mountains, enjoying the cold climate of the northern area. The heating conditions are of prime importance for the local citizens.

The city’s primary school applied to SlovSEFF for financing of its building reconstruction to improve thermal heating condition and reduce the energy bill. The school’s three buildings were between 30 to 50 years old and have never been renovated.

The SlovSEFF assisted the school with verification of the energy savings technologies, their technical-economic analysis and prioritization of investments.

The project consisted of thermal insulation of the building’s envelope, replacement of doors and windows, hydraulic balancing of the heating system and installation of thermostatic valves at radiators.

The €502,400 SlovSEFF investment reduced the energy consumption by 354 MWh per year, equivalent to 63 per cent of the prior level. The energy savings amount to €18,000 per year. Operation and maintenance costs were also reduced and are equal to €5,000 per year.

The unique model of SlovSEFF financing via a commercial bank is open for municipal borrowers, like schools and kindergartens, enabling them to implement the long-expected renovations and improvements. Now the employees and children can enjoy better heated buildings and focus on education.

The project also saved 98 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. It demonstrates that investments in energy efficiency bring multiple benefits for people, economy and environment.