Sprinklers for watering lawn of an office building in Almaty

Рrivate entrepreneur
Almaty, Kazakhstan
New sprinkler systems
Resource savings
Water saving
Even and efficient irrigation, improving the lawn's overall appearance
GEF, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria

The new sprinkler system helps ensure even watering and enhances the lawn's appearance

An entrepreneur from Almaty has a retail space that he rents out. He used garden hoses to maintain an attractive green lawn in front of an office building. It was very inconvenient as uncontrolled water consumption led to waterlogging of the lawn, the grass roots lost their vitality from an excess of water, and as a result, the lawn looked unkempt. To prevent negative consequences, the entrepreneur decided to purchase sprinkler irrigation system for high-quality watering, uniformity of water distribution and water saving.

The entrepreneur contacted the EBRD Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) Consultant who recommended the purchase of modern sprinklers with improved technical characteristics and suggested a suitable financial solution. The required model was selected on the Green Technology Selector website and purchased with a loan from the Program’s financial partners.

“The decision to buy sprinklers turned out to be very effective. Sprinklers uniformly spread the water throughout the whole lawn, which was previously a problem with hand watering. In addition, the use of sprinklers significantly reduced the time employees spent on watering. Now sprinklers can be set to a specific schedule and turn on/off automatically. Moreover, the water consumption was significantly reduced. The results exceeded all my expectations!” – said the satisfied entrepreneur.

Проект реализован при поддержке Глобального экологического фонда (ГЭФ) и Федерального министерства финансов Австрии.