Supporting energy efficient wine production in Georgia

Georgian Vine and Wine Group LLC
Tbilisi, Georgia
Assembly lines and bottling equipment
Investment Size
US$ 772,332
Financial results
Payback of 10.6 years
Energy savings
1,137,511 MWh per year (64%)
CO2 savings
455 tonnes per year
US$ 72,801 savings per year
EU, Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance

Established in 2014, Georgian Vine and Wine Group LLC is one of the largest wine producers in Georgia. It makes high quality Georgian wines, processing 2,000 tons of grapes and producing around 1.4 million bottles of wine annually.

The company was looking to make its production more energy efficient. As the director of the company, Mr. Merab Mikashavidze states: “When upgrading with the new machines, energy efficiency was our starting point”.

The GEFF project team performed the analysis of various aspects of the investment, primarily the energy savings potential, and defined the financial-technical parameters.

The company invested in a number of energy efficient technologies, including a water supply and an outdoor lighting control system.

A US$ 770,000 investment resulted in 60% reduction in energy used and US$ 72,000 saving in energy costs per year.

“We can now continue to make high quality wines in a more efficient way and move towards leading a more responsible business”, says the director of the company, Mr. Merab Mikashavidze.

This project was supported by EU and Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.