Tajik entrepreneur invests in water storage to supply portable drinking water to villagers

Yovon, Tajikistan
Water Storage
Investment Size
US$ 2,270
Financial results
Payback in 1.5 years
Water savings
75 m3/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

A water storage to save the water

Mr. Aliakbar Murodaliev lives in a large family of 7 members in a village named Hayoti Nav located in Yovon district. This village faced challenges in obtaining suitable sources for drinking water. Water sources in the village were salty. Mr. Murodaliev wanted to look for a solution for his own consumption as well as to support the village in daily activities such as washing, cooking and food preparation.

Mr. Murodaliev approached one of the EBRD’s partner banks for a loan of US$ 2,270 and invested in a 4000-liter tank. He planned to transport the water from suitable sources using his tractor. With the water storage tank, Mr. Murodaliev invested in a tank which can save up to 75 m3 of portable water annually.

Water storage is a sustainable way to increase water use efficiency with particular importance for end users who have no reliable water supply for living, production and irrigation through their fields.

“The delivery of portable water to the village ensures that the villagers can meet their daily water needs, making this village a suitable place for living” Said Mr. Murodaliev.

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