The bakery reduces costs and improves product quality

Casa del Pane SRL, a bakery
Orhei, Moldova
Biomass oven, dough mixer, auxiliary equipment
Investment Size
Financial results
Payback period of 2.5 years
Electricity savings
99% in dough mixing and baking
CO2 savings
125 tonnes per year
Increased production capacity and product quality

Casa del Pane installs modern equipment and switches to biomass

Casa del Pane SRL, an SME company established in 2009, rented a small bakery in Pelivan village, Moldova, until it bought the bakery and started to gradually replace the old existing equipment. Following the best business practices, the company aimed to increase the production capacity, the product quality, as well as to reduce the specific energy consumption.

Casa del Pane applied for MoSEFF financing to replace the old dough mixer and install a new biomass oven for bread baking. The new oven would replace the old, outdated, highly inefficient ovens consuming electricity and gas.

The MoSEFF team supported the company with project analysis, assessment of the energy saving potential, financial-technical parameters and profitability.

The €34,650 investment allowed Casa del Pane to completely eliminate the natural gas consumption in the bread baking process, significantly decreasing the energy costs. Other positive results include the production increase and the improved product quality – all enhancing the company’s revenues and market standing.

The investment can repay itself from energy savings in just 2.5 years. In addition, the introduction of renewable energy sources supported other SME businesses in the area, thus developing the local supply chains and business environment.

This project is a good example of sustainable SME development and the unlimited potential for energy efficiency investments in companies of all sizes and sectors.