The first large logistics centre in Bishkek equipped with energy efficient technologies

LCC смарт ложистик
Киргизстан улс, Бишкек хот
Хана, шалны дулаалга
Investment Size
466,935$ ам.доллар
Energy savings
Жилд 397 МВт.ц
CO2 savings
Жилд 20.6 тонн
Киргизстанийн агуулахын багтаамжийг өргөжүүлэх

With this modern centre, the trade development between Kyrgyzstan and other countries is supported, as modern and energy efficient facilities offer safe warehousing of goods for import and export. This is vitally important reducing the country’s trade deficit.

Smart Logistiс LLC has been active in the Kyrgyz logistics market for over 11 years. The company owns more than 10,000 m² of warehouse area, which they lease to other companies for the storage of various goods.

In response to the increased demand for reliable and safe warehousing in Bishkek, the company’s management decided to expand the warehouse to old Soviet-style buildings, which used to house a confectionery factory. The building needed complete reconstruction to meet the clients’ high international standards for storage conditions of goods, as well as with regard to energy resources use.

In 2018, the company took a KyrSEFF loan to finance an investment that would maximize the energy saving potential of the building.

The US$467,000 investment in the renovation project of the old building resulted in a reduction in energy consumption amounting to 452.5 MWh per year and in a CO2 emissions reduction of 20.58 tonnes annually. The energy cost savings amount to US$ 9,731 per year.

After the successful project verification, the company receives a grant of US$70,040 from the European Union (IFCA).