Top tier meat producer chooses high-performance refrigeration system to ensure quality standards

Bacon Product LLC
Kotayk, Armenia
Refrigeration system
Investment Size
US$ 10,900
Financial results
Payback in 15 years
Energy savings
4.4 MWh per year
CO2 savings
1.1 tonnes per year
Operating reliability; low life cycle costs

Healthy meat products become even more accessible with green technologies

Established in 1995, Bacon Product LLC is a company active in the manufacturing of meat products and convenience food. The family-owned business was founded by two brothers and began in a small factory. Over time, the company expanded and currently operates at a larger production site, which was developed in accordance with international standards and the support of Austrian specialists in 2006.

High-performance equipment and technologies, as well as energy and resource efficiency, are at the core of the company’s operations. Ensuring the freshness of the meat used during production and of the finished product afterwards is of utmost importance. This requires a modern refrigeration system. Thus, the selection of an efficient and reliable refrigeration system made in Europe was in line with Bacon’s aim of offering the freshest meat products of the highest quality in the country.

The leasing agreement for US$ 10,900 supported by GEFF and the state subsidy support programme enabled the purchase of a high-performance Ecoline BITZER series refrigeration system, which was selected using the GTS. The system features a high-efficiency versatile compressor that meets the complex requirements of a modern cooling chamber. The investment will pay off within 15 years and will continue to deliver reliable service in the years to follow, while contributing to an annual reduction of CO2 totalling 1.1 tonnes.

“Since opening our new production site, we have been continuously looking for new technologies that can be integrated into our current facility and make our products even better. We introduced a state-of-the-art collective water treatment system made in European to filter and remove chlorine from the water used in production. Now we have an improved refrigeration system. This is part of an ongoing process that keeps our products in our customer’s minds and on their tables, therefore ensuring stable growth for the company”, affirms Mr Margaryan, the Bacon’s CEO.

This project was supported by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Climate Investment Funds (CIF).