Ukrainian bakery replaces old equipment with new and more efficient units

Khlibodar bakery group
Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine
Biomass oven, heating, water heating, LED, compressors
Investment Size
Financial results
$88,500 per year
Natural gas savings
100% or 3 000 MWh per year
Electricity savings
70 MWh per year
CO2 savings
664 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

Khlibodar group includes several bakeries, a mill and produces 24 types of bread and 88 types of confectionary to almost two million citizens. The company exports to the nearby countries and even the USA.

In view of permanently increasing energy prices, the company applied to UKEEP for financing and technical package to identify the most perspective energy efficiency measures.
The UKEEP engineering team provided the company with an energy audit and advised on the priority investments.
The UKEEP investment led to 100 per cent removal of gas consumption at one of the bakeries. The other bakery has become the most innovative in the group. The total annual energy savings of allow to repay the investment in less than two years.
The company can now spend more time and efforts on other socially responsible activities.