Water efficient irrigation system supports land development in the Southern Tajikistan

Qubodiyon, Tajikistan
Pipes and tubes for irrigation
Investment Size
US$ 4,125
Financial results
Payback in 2 year
Water savings
3,327 m3/year
CO2 savings
25 kg/year
EU, GCF, South Korea

Increasing water access and use efficiency with PVC pipeline

Mr. Ravshan Hojibekov works with his 10 family members on 4.8 hectares of farm land. He is a farmer with 15 years of experience from the Qubodiyon district, which is located 170 km to the southwest from the capital city Dushanbe. Although the district has favourable climate and abundance of land resources, farmers are not able to fully use the land potential due to poor irrigation systems.

He has decided to improve water supply of his land in order to efficiently use land resources. For this purpose, he has received a US$ 4,125 loan from one of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partner banks for the purchase and installation of 600 meters of pipes. Once the irrigation system was constructed, he has planted 2.88 ha of cotton and 2 ha of peanuts.

The installation of a new water supply system has provided Mr. Hojibekov’s farm with a regular and stable water supply for the irrigation of crops. It saves 3,327 m3 of water per year, that is equivalent to saving the amount of water required to have around 33,270 baths. The project also provides efficient use of available lands. The project payback period is 2 years.

The European Union investment incentive of 20% is available, which makes the financing more accessible to farmers.

“The PVC pipeline allows me to ensure a regular supply of water and our neighbours also thinking about installing such systems. Now I am confident about irrigating my fields, and in the future I am planning to increase the field
area to grow water melons and to plant an orchard”, said Mr. Ravshan Hojibekov.

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