Wind power plant in the Shelek corridor of the Enbekshikazakh district of the Almaty region

Almaty, Kazakhstan
New energy efficient wind turbines
Energy savings
43 225 MWh per year
CO2 savings
14 297 tonnes per year
Building a wind power plant with respect for the environment
GEF, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, EU

The construction of the wind plant helped to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 14,297 tons per year

VES Nurly LLP was established in 2016 aiming at implementation of an investment project for the construction and operation of a wind power plant with a total capacity of 8.45 megawatts. The power plant operates 13 wind turbines. The total investment cost of construction amounted to 8.7 million US dollars, 4.7 of which was financed by Bank CenterCredit JSC.

The management of VES Nurly LLP learned about the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) from the EBRD from the loan manager at Bank CenterCredit JSC. The loan manager convinced the company to take advantage of the GEFF Program. As a result of the project implementation, the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced by 14,297 tons per year.

“We have built not the first wind power plant in Kazakhstan. With the financing support of Bank CenterCredit under the GEFF Program, we were able to effectively implement our investment plans,” commented the Director of VES Nyrly LLP, Mr. Shelkov E.K.

This project was supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.