Wood-processing company in Romania uses own wastes to generate energy

Wood processing company
Suceava, Romania
Biomass cogeneration plant
Investment Size
EUR 1,191,241
Financial results
3 years payback
Electricity savings
150 MW per month
Renewable energy
2.64 MW installed heat and 0.64 MW electricity capacity
Wastes minimisation

Investment in a biomass cogeneration plant will pay off in three years from energy savings only, making the company energy independent

Saucolemn SRL is a complete cycle wood processing company covering forestry, transportation, primary processing, steaming, drying services and manufacturing of a wide range of products – from panels to windows and chairs.

To decrease the energy cost, the company decided to invest in a biomass cogeneration plant fired with sawdust and wood-waste generated by the manufacturing processes.

The company addressed RoSEFF for financing of this project, namely a steam boiler, a steam turbine and auxiliary equipment. The RoSEFF team performed the analysis of the proposed technology, its potential for energy savings and profitability.

The investment allows the company to produce enough heat for own wood drying process and stop purchasing the heat from the grid. Part of the generated electricity will be consumed for its own needs, while the rest (50MW) will be sold to the grid.

The investment will repay from energy savings in just 3 years. This project allows the company to significantly reduce its energy and operational costs, have a secure energy supply and become energy independent.

This project is supported by the European Union (EU).