Mortgages for energy-efficient homes

Participating Financial Institutions (PFI) may use GEFF to set up mortgage products to finance energy-efficient homes, or to improve the energy efficiency of existing homes.

Mortgage financing of up to 100,000 EUR (Lei equivalent), representing up to 80% of the value of the property may be classified as a loan granted under the EBRD GEFF, with any additional financing requirements being financed from other PFI sources.

To apply for a GEFF mortgage for an energy-efficient home, apply directly to GEFF Participating Financial Institutions Banca Translivania or UniCredit Bank .


To apply for a GEFF mortgage for major home renovation we suggest you start by contacting the GEFF Help Desk.  Depending on the complexity of what you are planning to do, will advise which of the (free) GEFF services is best suited to your investment proposal.