Housing developer in Romania embeds energy savings…

Housing developer in Romania embeds energy savings…

24.01.2020 -

A story and short movie about green living – from the point of view of the housing developer and an apartment owner. Ospinas, a family-owned company who has been developing residential buildings for more than 100 years, is now constructing state-of-the-art, high-quality, energy-efficient homes in Romania. The first building completely developed by Ospinas in Romania,


A family in Romania chooses an energy-efficient apartment…

15.12.2018 -

When Ioana and Alex Maricări decided to buy a newly-built apartment in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, environmental impact was an important aspect in their decision. The Energy Performance Certificate indicates annual energy consumption of heating, hot water and lighting of 91 kWh/m2, which is 61% lower than a typical Romanian dwelling of similar size.


Romanian developer uses energy efficiency and renewables…

18.09.2018 -

Sophia Residence is a new housing complex in Cluj-Napoca in which apartments a qualify for ‘A-rated’ Energy Performance Certificates. In this short movie, developer Florin NISTOR introduces energy efficiency and renewable energy aspects of the building, and resident Eniko ZSOLDAS outlines the benefits of green living. So far, mortgages for more than 10 apartments in this complex have


Renovation makes old house in Romania more people-friendly…

07.09.2018 -

The Dragomir family lives in a five-room house in the city of Craiova. The 100m2 building was hard to keep warm and comfortable during the winter, so the family took a GEFF credit from Banca Transilvania to insulate their home, using 10cm of external wall insulation and installing sealed double-glazed windows. All materials meet the


Romanian family renovates a draughty old village house…

12.08.2018 -

When the Mihai family decided to renovate an old house in the village of Bărcănesti, Prahova county, they used the green personal loan facility that Banca Transilvania established under the EBRD GEFF programme. Investments financed by the GEFF use materials and equipment that meet high technical performance standards set by EBRD. As a result, it


An uptown family apartment in Prahova, Romania…

12.07.2018 -

When the Nicolae family was looking for a new-build, three-room apartment in uptown Ploieşti, Romania, green living was firmly on the household agenda. The family finally selected an apartment that consumes only 123 kWh/m2/year on heating, hot water, lighting and cooling, according to its Energy Performance Certificate. This level of energy uses is 59% lower


An ‘A-rated’ new flat in Romania is just the beginning…

25.06.2018 -

I.T. Cloud architect Ovidiu Julean is a first-time buyer of a newly-built apartment on the 3rd (top) floor of a new building in Timișoara, western Romania. The Energy Performance Certificate shows that the new flat falls into Category ‘A’, with an annual average specific energy consumption of 124.21 kWh/m2. As a result, energy consumption for


An energy-efficient new house near Bucharest

24.05.2018 -

Romania’s very hot summers and very cold winters mean that energy performance, lighting and comfort levels are priorities for shrewd buyers new housing. When Ion Chirea decided to invest in a new family home in Bragadiru, a growing commuter-belt town to the south-west of Bucharest, he included energy efficiency as one of the selection criteria.


Romania blazes credit card trail

27.06.2017 -

The EBRD GEFF Energy Efficiency Financing Facility in Romania is the first GEFF in any country to use credit cards to help make energy efficient technologies more accessible to households. Banca Transilvania set up a promotion to for energy-efficient refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners from the retailer eMAG.  The month-long promotion was launched on 27th June 2017, the