Technology Selector Database


This is a database of equipment and materials that exceed minimum energy performance criteria, as verified by the GEFF Consultant using the available technical information from suppliers in Lebanon. This list is for information purposes only, and is not to be considered as an endorsement or recommendation of the equipment, or suppliers/vendors/manufacturers of the material/equipment. This cannot be considered as a list of preferred/recommended manufactures, suppliers and vendors, neither of preferred equipment and materials. EBRD, its co-lenders and GEFF Consultant cannot be held liable for neither the choice of measure by the user, the performance of the equipment, the installation, the quality of the materials, nor the relationship between the supplier/vendor/manufacturer and the buyer/user, as explained in the “Terms and Conditions” section of this website. Users have to make sure they abide and adhere to national regulations when buying and/or installing and/or using and/or finally disposing items on the list.