Step-by-Step Guide “How to apply for assessment services”



Complete an application form at a participating financial institution.



Assessment and Disbursement

The participating financial institution will submit your project proposal to the GEFF Kyrgyzstan (KyrSEFF III) team to assess whether the project is eligible to participate in the program.

The GEFF Kyrgyzstan team (KyrSEFF III) will assess whether the project is suitable for funding and prepare an assessment report. The assessment report is free of charge and supported by funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The content and level of complexity of the assessment depend on the complexity of the investment proposal.

The participating financial institution  will evaluate your creditworthiness in accordance with its internal standards and procedures. After a positive assessment by the GEFF team that the project meets the requirements, you will be provided with funding.


Project implementation

Perform implementation of the project in accordance with the GEFF program criteria. Make sure you have all the necessary documents: invoices, installation certificates/commissioning certificates (for multi-residential buildings), etc. to confirm the installation and further grant process (if the specified grant conditions are satisfied).

For information on the list of required documents and consultations, please contact our GEFF Kyrgyzstan consultants ( KyrSEFF III )