Step-by-Step Guide “How to apply for technology financing”



Use the Green Technology Selector to choose your eligible equipment and materials (or obtain manufacturer specifications that confirm minimum performance requirements) and create the Eligibility Certificate. Print it, save it to your device or write down the number of the Eligibility Certificate so it can be looked up in the Green Technology Selector.

Obtain the pro-forma invoice from your local vendor/distributor for the selected technologies. The pro-forma invoice should list: 

    1. each particular type of technology being financed and its cost; 
    2. auxiliary cost per each technology to be installed.

Complete the Application Form from your chosen Participating Financial Institution and submit it along with the documents listed above.


Eligibility check and disbursement

Participating Financial Institution will assess your eligibility to be financed under GEFF, your creditworthiness according to the Institution’s internal standards and procedures and that technologies in the Eligibility Certificate are listed on the Green Technology Selector. After approval you will be provided financing so you can purchase the technology you chose.


Installation of technology

Arrange for the technology to be installed. Ensure that you collect the invoice and the proof of payment as well as any installation certificates/commissioning certificates (if applicable) so you can submit them when you request verification.