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Successful projects are often the inspiration for new green investment opportunities. The examples provided here demonstrate what has already been achieved with GEFF expertise and financial help.

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KyrSEFF success story. Insulation of the house in Bishkek to save electricity by 2 times.

16.07.2024 -

Do you want to live in a warm and cozy house, save on utility bills and at the same time contribute to environmental protection? Then contact KyrSEFF – the Green Economy Finance Program in Kyrgyzstan, which offers favorable loans and grants for implementing energy and resource saving projects. Our client, 79-year-old Zhumadil Shamyraliev, told  how


KyrSEFF success story. Pastry shop of Tynchtykbek Kulmurzaev

19.06.2024 -

Bishkek resident Tynchtykbek Kulmurzaev has been developing his confectionery business for three years. Previously, his pastry shop was located in an unheated building on the territory of his house, which created certain inconveniences. Tynchtykbek Kulmurzaev decided to demolish it and build a two-story building, with the confectionery shop on the 1st floor and living quarters for


KyrSEFF success story. KyrSEFF success story. Drip irrigation for strawberry plantation in Jalal-Abad

11.04.2024 -

Farmer Bayish Ermatov from Karamat village, Jalal-Abad region, for the first time  thought of growing strawberries on a plantation in 2023. Due to acute water shortage in the regions of Kyrgyzstan, which affects crop yields, especially during the irrigation period, Bayish Ermatov decided to implement a drip irrigation system on a 0.5 hectare plot. His


KyrSEFF success story. Insulation of Baktygul Isirailova’s house.

12.01.2024 -

Baktygul Isirailova, a chemistry teacher from one of the capital’s schools, has been living in a private house in Besh Kungei village for 3 years. Before applying to the KyrSEFF program in August 2023, their dwelling was cold, they had to heat it with coal or turn on a heater since September to get warm.


Bolot Shakirov’s Success Story: A Model Renovation for Energy Savings

27.11.2023 -

Pensioner Bolot, residing in the village of Besh-Kungey, endured a twelve-year tenure within an antiquated, uninsulated residence that exhibited pronounced inefficiencies. During the winter months, frigid air permeated through the wooden windows, while the precious heat within the rooms dissipated through the unattended roof, resulting in persistently cold floors. Consequently, the heating season for Bolot


From city to the village: Energy efficient house of Bakai Okombaev

19.10.2023 -

A resident of Tash-Moinok village, Bakai Okombaev, sold a 3-room apartment of 104-series in the southern districts of Bishkek with the desire to build a house in a village with healthier surroundings and better air quality. Before implementing house insulation, he applied to the GEFF Kyrgyzstan (Kyrseff III) Program and a loan from Kompanion Bank.


Energy efficient house: The story of Bishkek resident Kuban Shekeyev

11.09.2023 -

A resident of the Kyrman residential area, Kuban Shekeyev, is actively engaged in the construction of his new insulated house, the facade of which is currently faced with travertine. A two-story mansion with an area of about 260 sq. m. in the Kyrman residential area is being built following all technical requirements for energy efficiency