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NEWS 26 Sep 2018

EBRD and partners launch energy efficiency programme for Serbian homes

NEWS 07 Sep 2018

EBRD and UniCredit boost energy efficiency in Serbia

NEWS 30 Aug 2018

EBRD promotes efficient water management in Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic

NEWS 06 Aug 2018

EBRD finances green investments at Poland’s Millennium Leasing

CASE STUDY 19 Jul 2018

Serbian farmer boosts his production with a new combine harvester

CASE STUDY 16 Jul 2018

Supporting apricot production with a new solar fruit dryer

CASE STUDY 16 Jul 2018

Delivering energy-efficient health services

NEWS 29 Jun 2018

EBRD partners with Erste Bank Serbia to finance energy-saving home improvements

CASE STUDY 28 Jun 2018

Mongolian boilers producer boosts productivity and energy efficiency

NEWS 22 Jun 2018

EBRD boosts energy efficiency in Turkey

NEWS 24 May 2018

EBRD launches shopping-style web tool for climate technologies

CASE STUDY 18 May 2018

Bosnian family saves money and energy with new heating technology

CASE STUDY 17 May 2018

Keeping warm with thermal insulation in Bosnia

NEWS 02 May 2018

Keeping Kyrgyz children warm

NEWS 27 Apr 2018

EBRD promotes gender equality in the context of building climate resilience in Tajikistan

NEWS 24 Apr 2018

EBRD launches energy efficiency programme for Macedonian homes

CASE STUDY 23 Apr 2018

Kyrgyz resort Ak-Tilek invests in wastewater treatment facility

NEWS 20 Apr 2018

EBRD lends €5 million to Kosovo’s TEB

CASE STUDY 09 Apr 2018

Georgian Museum hotel: home for history and energy efficiency

CASE STUDY 27 Mar 2018

Supporting energy efficient wine production in Georgia

NEWS 13 Mar 2018

EBRD launches energy efficiency framework for homes in Kosovo

CASE STUDY 13 Mar 2018

Helping Armenian roses blossom

NEWS 06 Mar 2018

€5 million to support energy efficiency of Bosnian residents

CASE STUDY 26 Jan 2018

Energy efficient modernisation of Russian hotel

CASE STUDY 24 Jan 2018

Serbian clothing manufacturer becomes more energy-efficient with new equipment

NEWS 16 Jan 2018

€1.5 million loan to Agency for Finance in Kosovo will boost green investments

CASE STUDY 12 Jan 2018

Boosting energy efficient production of home appliances in Egypt

CASE STUDY 09 Jan 2018

A glass producer in Egypt boosts productivity with a new furnace

CASE STUDY 08 Jan 2018

Preventing electricity shortages and lighting up Tajik dark nights

NEWS 03 Jan 2018

€50 million loan to BZ WBK Leasing marks the launch of GEFF in Poland

NEWS 28 Dec 2017

Ohridska Banka Société Générale joins Macedonian green efforts

CASE STUDY 27 Dec 2017

Egyptian producer of paper and carton becomes more energy efficient

NEWS 27 Dec 2017

EBRD supports Turkish renewable projects with US$ 85 million loan to TSKB

NEWS 20 Dec 2017

First leasing company joins EBRD’s resource efficiency programme for Turkish SMEs

NEWS 20 Dec 2017

UniCredit jons GEFF in Romania to finance energy efficiency in the residential sector

NEWS 15 Dec 2017

Tajikistan’s First MicroFinance Bank to promote climate change resilience with CLIMADAPT

CASE STUDY 13 Dec 2017

Egyptian fertiliser producer generates energy with steam turbines

NEWS 12 Dec 2017

EBRD partners with Sparkasse Bank Makedonija to finance energy saving home improvements

CASE STUDY 11 Dec 2017

A Tajik cotton farmer secures reliable water supply with CLIMADAPT

NEWS 08 Dec 2017

New EBRD financing to Turkey’s İşbank

CASE STUDY 30 Nov 2017

An award winning project paves the way for Tajik agriculture sector

NEWS 14 Nov 2017

GCF gives green light to largest climate project to date in EBRD partnership

NEWS 14 Nov 2017

EBRD and ALEXBANK supports energy efficiency in Egypt

NEWS 07 Nov 2017

EBRD, EU and Austria support greener future in Bosnia and Herzegovina

CASE STUDY 06 Nov 2017

A foam manufacturer in Egypt boosts productivity while saving energy

NEWS 24 Oct 2017

CLIMADAPT celebrates best climate resilience projects in Tajikistan

NEWS 05 Oct 2017

Boosting energy efficiency in Kosovo homes

CASE STUDY 05 Oct 2017

Climadapt helps a Tajik homeowner harvest and conserve water

NEWS 02 Oct 2017

EgyptSEFF awards 11 projects on successful completion

CASE STUDY 18 Sep 2017

Introducing solar panels to Tajik market with the support of Climadapt

CASE STUDY 15 Sep 2017

Energy-efficient freezers boost the production of Tajik ice-cream

CASE STUDY 15 Sep 2017

Tajik manufacturer expand its production of energy efficient windows

CASE STUDY 14 Sep 2017

Tajik bakery installs new and more efficient equipment

CASE STUDY 12 Sep 2017

Drip irrigation saves water for a Tajik farmer

NEWS 11 Aug 2017

Fourth financial institution joins Climadapt programme in Tajikistan

CASE STUDY 24 Jul 2017

Serbian aluminium lid manufacturer invests in new production equipment

NEWS 27 Jun 2017

New GEFF facility to support Romanian households in saving energy and money

NEWS 15 Jun 2017

Increasing energy efficiency in Kosovo’s buildings

CASE STUDY 12 Jun 2017

Boosting hydro power in FYR Macedonia

NEWS 06 Jun 2017

UniCredit in Bosnia and Herzegovina receives its first green residential loan

NEWS 23 Apr 2017

EBRD signs accreditation agreement with Green Climate Fund

NEWS 21 Mar 2017

Green Economy Financing Facility in Egypt

NEWS 08 Dec 2016

GEFF celebrates best small-scale sustainable energy projects in Turkey

NEWS 07 Dec 2016

€400 million in new EBRD financing for small-scale sustainable energy projects in Turkey

NEWS 15 Nov 2016

€35 million loan to BCP to strengthen energy efficiency in Morocco

NEWS 14 Nov 2016

EBRD and EU support energy and water efficiency in the Kyrgyz Republic

NEWS 25 Oct 2016

Turkey’s Isbank to receive US$55 million towards renewable energy

NEWS 24 Oct 2016

Boosting residential energy efficiency in Kyrgyz Republic with FMCC

CASE STUDY 20 Oct 2016

Green Climate Fund allocates US$ 378 million to EBRD green projects

NEWS 20 Oct 2016

Green Climate Fund allocates US$ 378 million to EBRD green projects

CASE STUDY 14 Sep 2016

Local entrepreneur invests in energy and water-efficient cold storage with Climadapt

CASE STUDY 31 Jul 2016

Serbian packaging manufacturer upgrades old processing equipment

CASE STUDY 28 Jun 2016

ERSTE Bank Croatia finances first Residential Energy Efficiency project

CASE STUDY 26 Jun 2016

Lighting the streets of twenty Hungarian municipalities

CASE STUDY 12 Jun 2016

Macedonian pharmaceuticals company undergoes refurbishment

CASE STUDY 28 May 2016

IQ Energy – the launch of a new financing facility for Ukraine

CASE STUDY 02 May 2016

Longstanding shipbuilding company invests in new production machinery

CASE STUDY 31 Mar 2016

Promotion of sustainable energy solutions in Mongolia

NEWS 30 Mar 2016

KyrSEFF achievements in improving the energy efficiency of commercial sector

CASE STUDY 22 Mar 2016

Energy efficient modernization of the largest poultry plant in Kyrgyz Republic

CASE STUDY 15 Mar 2016

Wood-processing company in Romania uses own wastes to generate energy

CASE STUDY 01 Mar 2016

Efficient concrete production in Morocco saves 240 thousand litres of diesel per year

CASE STUDY 23 Feb 2016

Energy savings in Romanian airplane production industry

NEWS 23 Feb 2016

Results and achievements of the Moldovan Energy Efficiency Financing Facility

NEWS 12 Feb 2016

Best municipal sustainable energy projects awarded in Slovak Republic

NEWS 10 Feb 2016

EBRD increases sustainable energy financing in Turkey

NEWS 10 Feb 2016

EBRD celebrates best sustainable energy projects in Turkey

CASE STUDY 09 Feb 2016

Efficient district heating in Croatia

CASE STUDY 08 Feb 2016

Participating bank in Georgia implements sustainable energy solutions at own premises

CASE STUDY 01 Feb 2016

SME food shop in Kyrgyz Republic demonstrates best examples of sustainable energy development

CASE STUDY 31 Jan 2016

Mongolian equipment supplier gets new and efficient boiler

CASE STUDY 26 Jan 2016

Tajik microfinance institution joins the EBRD’s climate resilience credit line

CASE STUDY 26 Jan 2016

Modernization of olive production plant, Morocco

CASE STUDY 25 Jan 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina uses biomass in public sector

CASE STUDY 20 Jan 2016

Utilising the hydro power potential in Turkey

CASE STUDY 18 Jan 2016

Merge of food production lines for higher efficiency, Mongolia

CASE STUDY 27 Dec 2015

Extruder replacement in Romania reduces the energy costs

CASE STUDY 22 Dec 2015

Mongolia’s energy efficient oxygen production

NEWS 20 Dec 2015

First tranche in Tajikistan within the climate resilience credit line

CASE STUDY 15 Dec 2015

Outstanding electricity savings in Georgian deep freeze production

NEWS 15 Dec 2015

Romania scores high with energy efficiency improvements

CASE STUDY 15 Dec 2015

Energy efficient hotels in Marrakech

CASE STUDY 13 Dec 2015

High energy savings in metal cutting industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

CASE STUDY 01 Dec 2015

Pharmaceutical company in FYR Macedonia invests in better working conditions for its employees

CASE STUDY 25 Nov 2015

Energy efficiency in Romanian printing company

CASE STUDY 25 Nov 2015

Energy efficiency in butter production

CASE STUDY 25 Nov 2015

Moldovan carpet producer achieves energy savings

CASE STUDY 25 Nov 2015

Turkish cement plant becomes more energy efficient with heat recovery

CASE STUDY 17 Nov 2015

Textile industry secures high energy savings, Armenia

CASE STUDY 17 Nov 2015

Energy and production improvements in Moroccan fish processing company

CASE STUDY 01 Nov 2015

Energy efficient printing business in FYR Macedonia

CASE STUDY 29 Oct 2015

Russian barbershop benefits from energy efficiency measures

CASE STUDY 15 Oct 2015

New steam turbine in Russian pulp and paper company improves environment

CASE STUDY 14 Oct 2015

Russian toy producer improves its efficiency with new technology

CASE STUDY 01 Oct 2015

Energy efficient wine storage in Ukraine

CASE STUDY 30 Sep 2015

Kosovo residents invest in more energy efficient homes

CASE STUDY 24 Sep 2015

Increased thermal insulation in hot climates – lessons learnt in Turkey

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2015

Russian car repair service becomes energy efficient

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2015

Moroccan equipment producer increases its efficiency and competitiveness

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2015

Individual house owner in Moldova shifts to biomass to replace the expensive gas heating

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2015

Best ESCO examples from the Western Balkans

CASE STUDY 17 Sep 2015

Investment in wind power contributes to Turkey’s energy diversification

CASE STUDY 16 Sep 2015

Energy efficient residential house in Istanbul

CASE STUDY 16 Sep 2015

Polish bakery modernises the dough-production line

CASE STUDY 15 Sep 2015

Moldovan Bakery saves 98% of primary energy consumption

CASE STUDY 14 Sep 2015

Helping a Moldovan laundry business become more competitive

CASE STUDY 10 Sep 2015

Scaling-up production of energy efficient technologies in Belarus

CASE STUDY 10 Sep 2015

Expansion of biomass use in Slovak district heating

CASE STUDY 09 Sep 2015

Belarus milk plant with own heat and power

CASE STUDY 09 Sep 2015

Reduced energy consumption and increased comfort level in the offices in Belarus

CASE STUDY 09 Sep 2015

Cheese factory upgrade in Belarus

CASE STUDY 08 Sep 2015

Energy efficiency in Slovak municipal kindergarten

CASE STUDY 08 Sep 2015

Reconstruction of heating system in the Slovak town of Krásno nad Kysucou

CASE STUDY 03 Sep 2015

Solar energy project in Belarus

CASE STUDY 02 Sep 2015

SME window producer saves costs with renewable energy

CASE STUDY 28 Aug 2015

Energy efficiency in Moroccan tea processing

CASE STUDY 27 Aug 2015

Romanian wholesale trader achieves energy savings by replacing machinery

CASE STUDY 24 Aug 2015

Mini hydro power plant rehabilitation in Ukraine

CASE STUDY 17 Aug 2015

Energy efficient ethanol production with CO2 capture, Morocco

CASE STUDY 12 Aug 2015

Frozen seafood company replaces old refrigerator trucks, Russia

CASE STUDY 31 Jul 2015

Energy savings in Romanian vegetable preserves company

CASE STUDY 31 Jul 2015

Serbian packaging manufacturer reduces CO2 emissions by 80 per cent

CASE STUDY 31 Jul 2015

Energy-efficient truck save costs and reduce emissions

CASE STUDY 30 Jul 2015

Producing energy efficient mattresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

CASE STUDY 30 Jul 2015

Energy efficient label production in Armenia

CASE STUDY 29 Jul 2015

Energy efficient modernisation of Romanian vinegar production

CASE STUDY 24 Jul 2015

Macedonian property developer reconstructs a student dormitory with energy-efficiency in mind

NEWS 22 Jul 2015

Capacity building trainings on energy efficiency for the National Bank of Egypt

CASE STUDY 22 Jul 2015

Heat losses eliminated with energy efficient windows

CASE STUDY 12 Jul 2015

Ukrainian wall paper factory saves energy

CASE STUDY 30 Jun 2015

Energy savings achieved in clothes production

CASE STUDY 28 Jun 2015

Ukrainian bakery replaces old equipment with new and more efficient units

CASE STUDY 25 Jun 2015

Modernisation of energy intensive sugar production in Romania

CASE STUDY 23 Jun 2015

New sprayer for fertilizers reduces Russian farm’s costs and improves environment

CASE STUDY 17 Jun 2015

Russian health resort installs co-generation technologies

CASE STUDY 17 Jun 2015

Energy efficient grain processing in Romania

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Russian chemical company invests in equipment modernisation

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Turkish insulation company invests in CHP

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Energy efficient hotel in Turkey

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Replacement of a centralized boiler in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

CASE STUDY 16 Jun 2015

Energy efficient modernisation of Russian hotel

CASE STUDY 15 Jun 2015

Keeping Hungarian schools and care homes warm

CASE STUDY 15 Jun 2015

Stone crushing process in Kosovo becomes more efficient

CASE STUDY 15 Jun 2015

Improved district heating service in the Slovak Republic

CASE STUDY 12 Jun 2015

Georgian clinic increases comfort with thermal insulation

CASE STUDY 12 Jun 2015

Ukrainian pharmaceutical producer becomes energy self-sufficient

CASE STUDY 12 Jun 2015

First biogas plant in Moldova

CASE STUDY 11 Jun 2015

Ukrainian pasta producer saves energy with an efficient boiler

CASE STUDY 11 Jun 2015

Adding spice to a food processing factory in Serbia

CASE STUDY 10 Jun 2015

Energy-efficient cheese production in Ukraine

CASE STUDY 10 Jun 2015

Russian shoe producer benefits from energy efficient modernisation

CASE STUDY 10 Jun 2015

Polish plastic manufacturer becomes energy efficient

NEWS 08 Jun 2015

Energy efficiency potential of greenhouses in Kyrgyz Republic

NEWS 04 Jun 2015

International support for sustainable energy investments in Morocco

CASE STUDY 02 Jun 2015

Unleashing the hydro power potential of Romania

CASE STUDY 27 May 2015

What can an ESCO company offer to a hotel near Dubrownik?

CASE STUDY 18 May 2015

Energy efficient pizza and dumplings in Russia

CASE STUDY 16 May 2015

Energy efficient socket production in Morocco

CASE STUDY 12 May 2015

Moroccan bag producer saves energy with solar panels

CASE STUDY 12 May 2015

Moldovan bricks manufacturer reduces its energy consumption

CASE STUDY 22 Apr 2015

Profitable energy efficiency investments in Romanian pulp and paper company

CASE STUDY 21 Apr 2015

Energy efficiency measures in a citrus production company

CASE STUDY 20 Apr 2015

New injection moulding machine increases production and reduces energy consumption

CASE STUDY 15 Apr 2015

Increased reliability of cement production with lower energy costs, Georgia

CASE STUDY 15 Apr 2015

Russian furniture manufacturer saves energy with a new boiler

CASE STUDY 15 Apr 2015

Energy efficient glass production in Armenia

CASE STUDY 15 Apr 2015

New colouring production line brings electricity savings to a machinery producer

CASE STUDY 14 Apr 2015

Energy savings in Turkish textile company

CASE STUDY 02 Apr 2015

Replacement of obsolete irrigation system in Romania

NEWS 01 Apr 2015

İşbank joins the EBRD’s residential energy efficiency programme in Turkey

CASE STUDY 23 Mar 2015

Photovoltaic power plant in Ankara, Turkey

NEWS 19 Mar 2015

EBRD and EU celebrate Romanian firms’ use of energy efficiency and renewable energy

CASE STUDY 16 Mar 2015

Homeowners’ association reduces heating costs by over 40%

CASE STUDY 02 Mar 2015

Multiple savings in the textile industry from the replacement of production machinery

CASE STUDY 25 Feb 2015

Chemical plant in Bulgaria invests in improved steam production

CASE STUDY 17 Feb 2015

Energy efficient production of paper napkins, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 03 Feb 2015

Investing in energy efficient production assets proves to be highly profitable, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 28 Jan 2015

Polish plastic straws manufacturer increases quality and efficiency

CASE STUDY 28 Jan 2015

Turkish SME company constructs residential buildings of energy performance Class A

CASE STUDY 28 Jan 2015

Utilising the hydropower potential in Turkey

CASE STUDY 19 Jan 2015

Energy savings in port industry

NEWS 15 Jan 2015

Achievements of Bulgarian Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line

CASE STUDY 05 Jan 2015

Paperback company invests in energy efficiency of a production building, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 29 Dec 2014

Bulgarian hydro power plant producer becomes energy efficient

CASE STUDY 24 Dec 2014

Ukrainian wood producer uses biomass instead of natural gas

CASE STUDY 17 Dec 2014

Biscuit producer in Kosovo saves energy with new equipment

CASE STUDY 02 Dec 2014

Pharmaceutical supplier investing in efficient heating, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 27 Nov 2014

Ukranian leather processing with less energy consumption

CASE STUDY 26 Nov 2014

Biogas plant in milk processing

NEWS 25 Nov 2014

Azerbaijan joins the family of sustainable energy financing facilities

NEWS 21 Nov 2014

Celebrating sustainable energy achievements in Kyrgyz Republic

CASE STUDY 19 Nov 2014

Improved sanitation conditions and energy efficiency in cream production

CASE STUDY 19 Nov 2014

Russian warehouse operator benefits from automatic weather-controlled heating system

CASE STUDY 19 Nov 2014

Smooth financing of energy efficient domestic appliances in Turkey

NEWS 19 Nov 2014

Turkish Sekerbank joins the EBRD new energy efficiency financing facility

CASE STUDY 23 Oct 2014

Landfill gas project in Turkey

CASE STUDY 17 Oct 2014

Construction companies in Moldova turn to energy efficiency measures

CASE STUDY 15 Oct 2014

Romanian chicken farmer modernises production, climate and lighting systems

NEWS 08 Oct 2014

EBRD celebrates energy efficiency in Kosovo

CASE STUDY 24 Sep 2014

First bioethanol plant in South-Eastern Europe benefits from biomass boiler

CASE STUDY 27 Aug 2014

Hotel in the mountains benefits from heat pump heating, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 27 Aug 2014

Bulgarian bakery cuts down energy costs by 64%

CASE STUDY 20 Aug 2014

Modernisation of a chemical plant in Turkey

CASE STUDY 14 Aug 2014

Less dust release and energy consumption in Turkish machine-building company

CASE STUDY 13 Aug 2014

Armenian gas station nearly halved its energy consumption with new compressors

NEWS 31 Jul 2014

Workshops for Homeowners’ Associations in Russia

CASE STUDY 31 Jul 2014

Modernisation of Turkish cement production company leads to environmental benefits

CASE STUDY 30 Jul 2014

Investing in a small hydro power plant, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 22 Jul 2014

Energy efficient steel roof production, Poland

NEWS 13 Jul 2014

EBRD scales up sustainable energy financing in the Slovak Republic

CASE STUDY 07 Jul 2014

Meat factory in Kosovo becomes more energy efficient

CASE STUDY 30 Jun 2014

Confectionary company invests in energy efficient building renovation, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 24 Jun 2014

Improved heat production efficiency in district heating

CASE STUDY 18 Jun 2014

Lower energy bills for Moldovan residents

CASE STUDY 14 Jun 2014

Romanian SME bakery finds energy efficient solution

CASE STUDY 14 Jun 2014

Decreasing electricity consumption for detergent production in Kosovo

CASE STUDY 28 May 2014

Energy savings at Bulgarian beer plant

CASE STUDY 23 Apr 2014

Polish vehicles repair company benefits from energy savings

NEWS 28 Mar 2014

Ten years of energy efficiency financing in Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 24 Mar 2014

SME steel producer invests in energy efficiency

CASE STUDY 19 Mar 2014

Printing company in Poland becomes energy efficient

CASE STUDY 18 Mar 2014

Energy assessments for residential houses provide guidance for residents in Russia

NEWS 28 Feb 2014

Achievements of Bulgaria Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Credit Line

NEWS 25 Feb 2014

EBRD celebrates the best sustainable energy projects in Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 20 Feb 2014

Improved residential comfort and decreased energy bills

CASE STUDY 28 Jan 2014

Helping families to save energy

CASE STUDY 25 Jan 2014

ESCO-based tri-generation in Turkish hospital

CASE STUDY 21 Jan 2014

Energy efficient trolleybuses in Slovak Republic

CASE STUDY 15 Jan 2014

Large and energy efficient greenhouse in Armenia

CASE STUDY 02 Jan 2014

More efficient plastic container production, Georgia

CASE STUDY 23 Dec 2013

Sustainable greenhouse business in Kyrgyz Republic

CASE STUDY 18 Dec 2013

Polish textile company modernises and saves energy

CASE STUDY 05 Dec 2013

Kyrgyz manufacturer of flat glass becomes more energy efficient

CASE STUDY 28 Nov 2013

Energy efficiency in vegetable oil production

CASE STUDY 26 Nov 2013

The bakery reduces costs and improves product quality

CASE STUDY 26 Nov 2013

Computer company reduces energy costs and improves comfort

CASE STUDY 20 Nov 2013

The largest copper miner invests in HVAC for production buildings, Bulgaria

CASE STUDY 18 Nov 2013

Polish plastic bottles manufacturer achieves energy savings

CASE STUDY 13 Nov 2013

Energy efficiency in meat processing company in Poland

NEWS 23 Oct 2013

Progress and lessons learnt of Russian bank in financing residential energy efficiency

CASE STUDY 15 Oct 2013

Energy efficient vehicles for Ukranian mining industry

CASE STUDY 26 Sep 2013

Kyrgyz homeowners save energy and improve living conditions

CASE STUDY 26 Sep 2013

First Kyrgyz energy efficient housing with municipality support

CASE STUDY 23 Sep 2013

Leading Bulgarian producer of food additives invests in energy efficient production

CASE STUDY 18 Sep 2013

New food packaging line meets the growing demand and reduces energy cost

CASE STUDY 10 Sep 2013

More efficient heat generation for greenhouses in Poland

CASE STUDY 22 Aug 2013

Sewage system modernisation in Russian multi-storey residential building

CASE STUDY 27 Jul 2013

Trading Company secures reliable energy supply

CASE STUDY 17 Jul 2013

Public company invests in energy efficient street lighting

CASE STUDY 19 Jun 2013

Modernisation of the heating system in Russian multi-storey apartment building

CASE STUDY 19 Jun 2013

Deep freeze fruits and vegetables with energy efficient equipment

CASE STUDY 18 Jun 2013

A home made more comfortable and better looking

CASE STUDY 13 Jun 2013

Investments in new energy efficient vehicles

CASE STUDY 06 Jun 2013

Apartment owners in Kyrgyzstan invest in energy efficiency

CASE STUDY 23 May 2013

Russian multi-storey apartment house gets a facelift

CASE STUDY 17 Apr 2013

Energy efficient lighting in Istanbul

CASE STUDY 12 Dec 2012

Thermal modernisation of production venues

CASE STUDY 21 Nov 2012

Utilisation of sunflower husks for production of energy, Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY 14 Nov 2012

Energy efficient modernisation of a metal processing company, Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY 12 Nov 2012

Modern Ukranian cement production saves 3 million tonnes CO2 annually

CASE STUDY 10 Nov 2012

Ukrainian flour producer increases competitiveness with energy efficient equipment

CASE STUDY 05 Nov 2012

Slovak school becomes warmer after energy efficiency measures

CASE STUDY 04 Nov 2012

Ukrainian agricultural company invests in energy efficient machinery

CASE STUDY 20 Sep 2012

Expansion of efficient public lighting in Bucharest

NEWS 28 Jun 2012

Best sustainable energy projects in Moldova

CASE STUDY 20 Jun 2012

Improved public lighting in Bucharest

CASE STUDY 13 Jun 2012

Food production company in Kazakhstan invests into energy saving

CASE STUDY 21 Mar 2012

Concrete parts manufacturer saves energy and costs, Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY 12 Oct 2011

Polish printing house replaces outdated equipment with new and more efficient units

CASE STUDY 21 Sep 2011

Agricultural company benefits from a biogas plant, Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY 15 Jun 2011

Oil and gas company invests in new technologies, Kazakhstan

CASE STUDY 02 Jun 2011

Full steam ahead for a Moldovan food processing company

CASE STUDY 22 Oct 2010

Rehabilitation of small hydro power plant in Georgia

CASE STUDY 03 Jan 2010

Brewery energy efficiency project

CASE STUDY 22 Dec 2009

Reconstruction of Slovak cement plant

CASE STUDY 05 Aug 2009

Refurbishment of residential building in Bratislava, Slovak Republic